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UAZSC-00001_c (Feather-like Apache-Plume (Fallugia paradoxa) blooms in Sunset Crater National Monument)
UAZSS-00030_c (Close-up view of a single Mexican Gold Poppies, Eschscholtzia mexicana, in Hewitt Canyon, Superstition Wilderness Area, Arizona)
UAZRR-00048_c (Patch of wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa var. menthaefolia) growing along the West Fork of Oak Creek)
UAZWM_00005_c (Wild geranium (Geranium caespitosum))
WA_Olympic National Park_00006_c (Avalanche lilies bloom in Olympic National Park with Mount Olympus on the horizon in Washington, USA)
UAZSM-00001_c (Brittlebush (Encelia farinosa) bloom at Silly Mountain near Gold Canyon and Apache Junction, Arizona USA)
UAZAH_00002_c (Calliopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria) blooms among volcanic rock in the fields en route to Ashurst Lake)
UAZLP-00019_c (Single Mexican Gold Poppy, Eschscholtzia mexicana) on the Pipeline Canyon Trail, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Arizona, USA)
UAZRR_00043_c (Goodding's verbena (Glandularia gooddingii) blooms near Red Canyon at sunset, Arizona, USA)
UAZTT-00009_c (Sego lily, also referred to as mariposa lily (Calochortus nuttallii) blooms in the Tonto National Forest near Rye, Arizona, USA)
UOREC-00006 (False lily-of-the-valley (Maianthemum dilatatum) in bloom, Ecola State Park, Oregon, USA)
AZ_Mormon Lake_00001_c (Prairie sunflowers (Helianthus petiolaris) bloom at sunset along Mormon Lake near Flagstaff, Arizona)
WA_Mount Rainier National Park_00004_c (A mix of lupine, Indian paintbrush, pasqueflower (Western Anemone), and Gray's lovage bloom in a meadow along the Skyline Trail in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA)
AZ_Kachina Peaks Wilderness_00024_c (Pink lupine bloomamong purple lupine and Indian paintbrush near the Arizona Snowbowl outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.)
UAZCC_00034_c (Close-up of desert globemallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua) bloom along Schnebly Hill Road outside of Sedona)

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